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Even Dogs Sleep Better With CPAP

coconutOne of my patients told me the funniest thing the other day.  I diagnosed him with severe sleep apnea a couple of months ago and when he started CPAP he was really a new man.  He sleeps better at night and wakes up refreshed and full of energy.  On the most recent visit, when I asked how his nights were going, he said:  “Great. I sleep better; my wife sleeps better; even my dog, Coconut sleeps better!” 

It turns out that his dog use to paw at him and wake him up many times during the night , but it all stopped when he started CPAP.  He and his wife think that Coconut would see him not breathing or struggling with his apnea and would try to wake him up so he could breath better.  Poor Coconut!  It was hard and tiring work being man’s best friend.  Now she and the whole family are well rested and happy.  Stories like this really make it a joy to be a sleep doctor.

See Coconut getting some well-deserved shut eye.

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